Watch Koffa TV go to Pakistan: First Episode Out Now.

TRAVEL VIDEO DISCLAIMER: The travel in the video series was done using every precaution necessary to travel during the pandemic. Several Pre Travel and Post Travel COVID Test were taken that yielded negative results and the footage in this video series was taken was of two days of experiencing the city with the rest of the days were spent indoors.

For guidelines regarding travel please see the requirements for each country you might visit during this time. Thank you for watching this video and I hope you enjoy.

About the Video: Follow me on my journey to Islamabad, Pakistan for the very first time. Travel on this video took place in the first week of Feb 2021. The experience was great and I enjoyed myself. In this video, I primarily talk about my high-level experience flying Qatar Airlines to Pakistan.

Make sure to watch the rest of my travel videos and other videos on my channel. Hope you all enjoy it.