I will get my happy ending. I’m glad that this love did not work out.

When I fall in love, I’ll do anything I can do to make that person happy but if I don’t see the same in return overtime I’ll grow tired and I will not put in any effort because I will not want to waste future efforts when I know what the results will be because I have experienced them.... Why keep doing the same thing knowing that you don’t like the results. That’s insanity they say....

On the brighter side, previous to meet the man I fell deep for, I was not opened to love. Although it did not work out, I actually feel hopeful for love. He opened my eyes and heart and now that my heart is opened again I am ready to receive love that mirrors mine. I’m excited to see what will come my way. Love is love and I am excited to met someone who is ready to share their love with no excuses and no boundaries. How exciting is that. 🦋🦋🦋🦋

Remember when things don’t work out there’s always a brighter side to your life don’t let situations that don’t work out taint your view forward, I did that in the past but I will not do that anymore. ♥️♥️♥️☀️

He will find the love that compliments his needs and so will I.


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