A Vegas Vegan: VegeNation and Café No Fur wit Koffa

A Vegas Vegan: VegeNation and Café No Fur wit Koffa 7/12/2019

About the Video.

I love in Las Vegas Nevada, many people ask me what options a Vegan Eater has in Vegas, well there are plenty of places from breakfast places to yummy fast food, In this Video I will be visiting VegeNation and Café No Fur.

VegeNation https://vegenationlv.com/breakfast-menu/ a community-based restaurant on a mission to leading a food revolution.

Now I am eating breakfast here today at VegeNation but they do serve lunch, and dinner as well.  This location is on 7th and Carson near the container park and not far from Fremont Street

I love this location for eating breakfast because I am a bit of a sunflower as it is airy and bright. The walls are adorned with artwork that celebrates a plant-based lifestyle. This location has plenty of windows and plants from the ceiling to the floor.

VegeNation cooks with 100% plant-based ingredients, I am soy-free and gluten-free, so talk to your server about those options when ordering your meal.

I am ordering my favorite on the menu food, not bombs bowl.

Lunch at Café No Fur  https://www.cafenofur.com/food-menu, which is located in the heart of China Town here in Las Vegas off of Spring Mountain and Edmond, is a cute restaurant with all pink interior, the offer lunch items such as vegan burgers, vegan ribs and RIBS AND WINGS, vegan taco, vegan tamales and so much more.

My order is out, they don’t only prepare a meal that looks great but the taste is spectacular.

Now i am going to order my fav from café no fur the beyond meat burger with vegan cheese with fries. The food is always so good I had to take a quick to-go order so I can eat. 


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