Visiting Sol Sips and Meeting Francesca “Sol” Chaney

Sol Sips Owned by Francesca “Sol” Chaney, a young entrepreneur in Brooklyn NY opened this business, creating a menu with locally-sourced organic plant-based recipes that contain 4 ingredients or less, I am excited to be here and let have a chat with her.

Opened 6 months from the day this video was shoot let learn about the business and the menu.

On my visit to Sol Sips, I ordered the Gluten-Free Waffle Stack

Which includes Two fluffy gluten-free waffles with topping of choice and maple syrup. First topping free, 0.50 for each additional topping.

The menu also includes, Hot Beverages, Nut Milks, Smoothies, juices, Main Menu items named Bites and brunch Bites, Grab and Go items, Bowls, and shakes.

This order of waffles was flavorful and tasty. If you are in the Bushwick area or Brooklyn you can order for delivery or visit their 203 Wilson Ave location in Brooklyn, NY 11237


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