You are sexy, and if you have people who pick out your flaws constantly.... kick them to the curb!!!

Feeling sexy is a mindset it is a choice to look at yourself in the mirror and love what you see. This can be a challenge for many people as it has been a challenge for me over the years. Now with all these changes that have taken place with my outer appearance, my inner sexy is now spilling out like tea overflowing. How do I achieve feeling sexy at 38 or as I continue to age regardless of the changes that have taken place with me physically over the years...... Number one: I never let anyone tell me what they think negatively of me and if they do, I will never listen and I have to be confident within myself to be my own cheerleader. What I mean by this is backhanded compliments by people who are close to you and they are subconsciously tearing you down because that is all they know. Number two: I dress the way I want and the way I feel best. If I get into a relationship with a person and they spent their entire time trying to adjust my style and wardrobe choices that I believe personal contributes to my happiness, I walk away from them and that’s just how I roll. Number three: If I have people around me who remind me of my flaws I stay away from them. You are only as strong as your environment so if you keep people around you who keep trying to bring you down subliminally, you will be affected.... you will start to feel bad about yourself and you have no idea how that started....So if a person in my life continues to remind me that I’m not perfect then they need to get the fuck out of my face. Number four: People who are judgmental... you basically need to stay away from them... because they bring a cloud of negative vibes that can ruin my sexy. 

Don’t spend your time trying to make someone love you...the only person that should love you first is you and if other people love you then that is icing on your cake. Love should never be a challenge..... and you need to accept yourself without the constant validation of others.  Hope this helps And have an amazing weekend!!!!! 


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