Book was delayed but still coming.

A short from my book..... it is still coming 😊😘 ❤️ .............. "I remember the days when I struggled to figure out "what was wrong with me, why did my face change so drastically, why has my body changed so drastically?" I lost people who were vain that were close to me because they could not stand to look at me..... that's the truth. (Both lovers and friends.) When people stare at my face, they wondered what was going on and so on .... both strangers and people in my life.... You might be reading this right now and think I'm talking about you and you might be right. 🙂 I had people close to me that I loved deeply and cared for with all my soul and that I thought also loved me no matter what, made me feel as though I was a freak, I was ugly, I was contagious and I felt alone for years. That's the truth..... Being alone taught me how to be ok with me while pushing to stay happy and fall in love with myself. I am thankful that I have other gifts I have been given such as my talents, my brain, and my wit:-). But that's OK, because what these particular people have taught me was much more useful and valuable. I appreciate it actually, even though it was very hard when I was going through it. I appreciate these people turning their backs on me, even when they had no clue they were doing that. I appreciate their whispers and their judgement. I appreciate their non tolerance for something different, someone different, someone with challenges, and someone with outward struggles like myself. Sometimes people forget that they are human too and that something life changing can also happen to them just as well as it has happened to me. How would you take your flaws and embrace them while looking for solutions to make them better?" From beauty to flaws ........ written by me .............. Well I hope you like that so far... I wrote this book from the heart. All this will be in my book "from beauty to flaws" that was set to come out Dec 2017 but some great things came up that I had to stop writing. Yes, my book that was near done was stopped but will still come out as I add more updates to my journey. I am thankful and grateful to still be here to talk today because in 2015 things would have turned for the worse. As you all remember my multiple hospitalizations, my journey to changing my life, my diet and lifestyle were not straight forward. I thank God every day that I get the chance to figure out a solution even though it is a work in progress till this day I'm still gathering my thoughts to finish my book so you all can read about my journey and how I focus to be happy with me and more. I love you. 😘 


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