The Lady Time Blues aka PMS aka my period

When that time of the month comes depending on what I am doing I need to shut down from large groups and not talk to people that I really really like or care about because I don't want to snap for any freaking reason. It sucks that the body does this but this is how I get through the lady time blues. If you don't know what the lady time blues means it means my freaking period lol. 

These are things that I do for myself that might be helpful for others trying to get through the storm of hormones and what not;

When I feel like I am about to have a horrible mood swing saga, I try to stay as quiet as possible and if that means not talking to people in depth I have to retreat. 

I take some time to listen to smooth music and relaxing sounds. If I don't feel like that will get relaxed and I tend to listen to funny things on YouTube and I stay away from actual TV shows which is very weird that I do that. 

I try not to eat a bunch of crap because after my lady time is over I am going to surely regret it lol

I try to pamper myself by giving myself a facemask or something beautifying

In all, the number one trick to overcoming my lady time blues without acting a hot mess is to just stay away from people. I don't want anyone in my way and I only want to give them the best of me when it is over. 

So if you read this blog post and get mad at me, this is what I do for myself because the relationships around me that I truly care about are very important to me. I have to control my self and it is only one week out of the month or a few days of quiet and recluseness. I think is important during this time for me to stay calm since my hormones are a reck. 

Hope you enjoyed reading how I overcome my lady blues BS 



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