"Story time" I was told "We don't serve vegans" lol

Liberian Vegan Food (pictured in this post  plantain fufu and casava leaf) 🇱🇷 Is a technique, I had to teach myself. It came with watching videos, as questions on how to cook certain dishes the traditional way...   Then, taking that information to look for ways to figure out how to modify traditional dishes to fit my health and living with my FSGS kidney disease and more. 

Normally when I go to an African restaurant 

(the ones that I have visited here in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles) I get a look on the store owner or server's face that is very confusing or sometimes I am met with anger from the restaurant owner or staff member for something that my body is doing... lol

Although I am Liberian-American, I also eat Nigerian food and Ethiopian food from time to time. 

Story time. 

"On a visit back to Los Angeles and wanting to taste some African food, I decided to get a little snack but I know ordering is not always something I can do. I am ok with walking away if the food does not work for me and my health condition"

I visited a Nigerian restaurant (I am not going to state the name in this post but) it is actually located in Inglewood California:  near Crenshaw and Manchester Blvd , the store owner came out when I asked to get some food from a staff member  ( only ordering pounded yam and asking if they use "chicken soup to season it- because if so I would not order it) and she asked me why was I eating in such a way?

I told her that I live with a kidney disease and celiac and I have to be careful with what I eat to stay as healthy as possible. 

I was shocked by her response to me stating to me that "we do not serve vegans". 

A pretty shocking and strong statement to say especially if the person walking in is vegan and you have no idea that they are vegan until they tell you. 

Anyway if I had the resources available, I would open up an African restaurant that provided vegetarian, vegan, and traditional meat options so that I could offer more selections for potential clients which I think would boost revenue and popularity of my restaurant.  

But in hindsight, I think outside the box so I was not fully offended ( but I was bothered by that statement) it's just gave me an aha moment and it is a place I would never visit again.

Besides that, the store owner was giving me the side eye because I was a vegan and she was also slightly rude to me because she thought that I was only African-American and not with any direct roots to Africa (which I thought was pretty sad) so basically I was treated like "whatever" for being an American and also being vegan ordering at an African restaurant lol. Go figure. Smh

Enjoy the images of today's vegan meal. Kisses. 

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