Home Decor on a budget: Looking great without breaking the bank.

So it is important to me as a parent and as a provider to make sure that I have a living space that looks great without killing my budget. Here are a few of the rooms that I'm still working on because I still have things in storage that I will be adding to what I have and wanted to share.

My son's bedroom

My son is seven years old right now and he loves Star Wars. So to start his room off with a few Star Wars items I visited Amazon.com and found a few things. I was even able to find wall decals and personalized galaxy letters of his name.

My bedroom

I love white furniture and I love my room to have an airy feeling and took advantage of the fact that this room comes with lots of closet space so that I can store things away while seeing the floor. Here are a few of the items that I purchased from different stores both online and at my local retailers.

The kitchen/dining area in my apartment is still a work in progress because I have a lot of stuff still in storage that will be here by November but because I have other furniture items in storage I did not want to buy too much but wanted to get started this is the one starting process of the kitchen.

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