"Mobility over everything" the words of Fitness Expert Sid Mascardo

Everyone has different times of the year when they are trying to look into becoming more fit if you are not hitting the gym regularly....

As I've always stated, I live  with sarcoidosis and my kidney disease affecting my body and my mobility. Besides trying to get fit, my goal was to build muscle that was lost during the time that I was ill. 

And for me, this time of the year starts during the fall and  winter, grinding to not gain over the holiday but to tell you the truth I'm not always successful. 🤗

On my journey to do this last year, I met with Sid Mascardo fitness expert and NCSF personal trainer in Pasadena California in 2016.

Working with Sid for the short time that I had the opportunity while living my last months in Los Angeles I learned that mobility helps your body perform better.

Many of the routines that we did involved strengthening my muscles, having great posture, and standing properly. Most days we worked on a certain area of the body but what was great about what he provide it was an intense muscle massage as part of the recovery process to become stronger. 

In regards to standing properly, it helps with keeping your hips aligned and you not having lots of injury and I learned this from Sid. 

If you are interested in booking Sid  has great sessions that are available for people online and in person. 

Check out his site at https://www.sidmascardo.com/


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