Live Wild. Watch and Listen to my very first song I produced and wrote ever.

Yes, I wanted to introduce myself to the world who does not know me.. makeup free and being me. I do love makeup but I'll leave that for another videos lol. ... ok back to business ❤️

In 2007 or actually since I was much younger, I've always had a passion for singing professionally beside being a designer. I just love all things creative.... I have performed at small venues and events and I did a few talent shows before I was the age of 12.

During my time as a fashion professor, I wrote and recorded over 10 songs with a music team named Duke Brown Entertainment which allowed me to complete and copyright my first body of work in 2009....

I was working hard towards singing and songwriting but had to focus on motherhood and a few years later also having to focus on my health after being diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and FSGS...

Now, I'm back at it again and I'm not going to stop.

So I hope you guys enjoy what I'm going to share and here's the link to my first song that will be on my album coming out in November 2017.....

Live Wild: Music by Koffa (watch music video here)

Also the music I created on my first album that's currently on iTunes and you can find it on other streaming services including google play, and tidal.

The Liberian Wohmn album is a r and b / pop album.

My new album "from beauty to flaws" will be a mixture of a few R&B songs but mostly dance music will be available in November 2017 on iTunes, google play and tidal along with other streaming services.

I hope you guys enjoy listening to my sound and watching my video as it will give you a little bit of what my new album is all about.


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