Introducing my very own vegan and gluten-free food coaching for all.

Ever wonder what to purchase when trying to eat gluten-free or vegan. Well I get a lot of people asking me questions so I have decided to create coaching sessions that people can pay for monthly and have the liberty to ask me questions while I help them on their journey. 

I've never had any help I had to kind of figure things out on my own and do a lot of research so I'm super excited to help others on their path to eating healthier every day. On my site you will see gluten-free and vegan idea and some (only)gluten-free ideas for those who still need to eat animal products. Living with sarcoidosis in FSGS has helped me modify my diet in a way that has improved my health and I am looking forward to sharing that with others. 

If you are interested in signing up email me at


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