California science center visit to see the latest body world exhibit

On Saturday, September 30, 2017 , my family and I visited the California science center to view the body worlds exhibit. It was a great thing to see as this was my third visit since I was first saw it arrives to the museum the first time.

Every time I view this exhibit I have a different perspective in regards to what I saw.

I get the opportunity to learn more about anatomy and physiology of my body and appreciation for life. All of the people who donated their bodies to this exhibit have done so to help others learn and see the structures of the body in a way that they would never see if they did not attend medical school.

It's very selfless what they have done and also makes me appreciate my days on this earth as I want them to be long and very very long. 😘

Enjoy the rest of these images that I have taken of the exhibit and if you're in Los Angeles near the USC area you should visit enjoy the rest of these images that I have taken of the exhibit...


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