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With Four store locations in the US, Makeup Artist and Cosmetic Line Owner, TrinéNolé first began her career as a nurse helping terminally ill patients. 

After the passing of her husband in 2012, she decided to follow her passions because life is very precious. She has been a professional makeup artist for three years with the goal of helping others feel and look their best. 

Before creating her cosmetic line, she was known at her job as "the pretty nurse" because she loved wearing make up to work. Because of her job as a nurse, she had patients with various illnesses that had to take medication with side effects that altered their appearance. Because she knew that the confidence level of her patients negatively changed, she would voluntarily bring her makeup box to work to do patient's makeup. 

She can recall a time when one of her cancer patients due to the effects of chemotherapy had changes in skin pigmentation. So what she did was create a beautiful makeup look and this left the patient very excited and energized. This also helped TrinéNolé solidified her decision of starting her business. 

Besides starting her line and opening up 4 locations in the United States, her line has also helped many young women in the short time that she has been in business. The neighborhoods where her businesses are located in Los Angeles County have many young women who are not provided the same opportunities that many others that take for granted. So she has a personal mission not to only bring the power of make up to boost the confidence of others but to give other young women in the neighborhood a place that they can get inspiration to change their lives for the better. The foundation of her business is to work as hard as she can so that she can build a positive cosmetic line while helping her customers and clients look their best. 

With 4 stores in the US you can find the locations of the stores at her website at www.trinenolecosmetics.com 

This interview was done at the Slauson and Western location written by Dr. Koffa If coolthingswithkoffa.com


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