Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty, it has sold out for WOC and I'm here for it!!!!

For a woman of color,  I have purchased many brands of cosmetics and to finally find a line that caters to a large number of skin tones and shades is amazing. 

Available on Fenty Beauty .com and exclusively sold as a Sephora , it is a breath of fresh air to see a celebrity launching a cosmetic line that is inclusive and that they've actually sat and worked on, designed, and handpicked the details of the line. 

Not to throw shade, but many celebrities that have launch product lines have simply placed their rubber stamp on a product by giving their money to a product development firm to create a product on their behalf.

Based on the development of the final product, you can tell that Rihanna was very much involved in the conception and development Fenty beauty. 

Congratulations are due for Rihanna !!! And  I look forward to seeing more of her amazing products and services that she plans to develop and place into the marketplace. 

I am very excited about this product line ... take a look at the shades 


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