Motivational Words from Dr. Nyc, Laz Alonzo,and Michel'le

September 3, 2017...Sunday at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas, I was able to attend the KeraVada Vada Natural Hair  and MPower Expo

During my time there I was able to see some great beauty and hair care vendors along with listening to the motivational words of Dr. Nick, Actor: Laz Alonzo, and Michel'le. 

Click the video below to watch my recap clip.

Here are a few more images from the event... I have four featured vendors at the lower half of this post that I know you will love!!!!!

African Dance Team

Third Speaker: Motivational Words from Singer Michel'le... follow her on Instagram @michellemusiz 

Second Speaker: Motivational Words from Actor Laz Alonzo....follow him on Instagram @lazoffical 

First Speaker: Motivational Words from Dr. Nyci.....follow her on Instagram @drnyc7

The event space and vendors!!!

(Pictured Below) Starting from top counterclockwise, these are great products and I will be writing an articles and interviewing the owners of these brand. Make sure to check out the links as they all sell amazing products!!!!


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