Creating an organized makeup 💄 table on the cheap.

Normally, I will have my make up all over the place but I found that when my makeup is not organized, I end up purchasing more products because I can't see the products that I currently have. 

So to help me with keeping my cost low and seeing/using the product I do have,  I have searched high and low for make up organizers from different areas and these places include Ross,Marshall's, and Amazon. 

My first make up organizer was from Amazon and it was a two piece set; one of the pieces I use in my bathroom to organize skin creams but the other one I still use for make up... Here are the organizers that I am currently using and I hope you like them. 

My gift to myself for Christmas this year is a great makeup mirror from Vanity Girl Hollywood...Check out this mirror that I've been scoping for a while from Vanity Girl Hollywood  ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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