Love ❤️ All: division is not the answer

With everything happening in today's climate, it makes me think about my son and other children growing up and how the actions happening in Virginia and other parts of the country are a step back from everything that people before you and I have fought for. 

Being divided only puts put us in a predicament and continues to set us back. 

"When one group hates another, the other group will charge back and  the cycle continues and continues with no resolution only more swords and daggers being  thrown." - Dr. Koffa

I know that there are people out there protesting with hatred in their hearts for people like me and other that are different from them. Hatred stems from a creation of fear. I can't ever wrap myself to understand it fully. 

I only wish for this deep-seated hatred that is in the hearts of many to completely change to love . We are all human beings I wish we could look at each other that way and stop this cycle of hatred all together. 


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