My fashion closet go tos

I pretty much have a staple in my closet it either has to be all black glittery gold or silver. Here are a few of my go to items that I'm always looking to get in my closet when I go shopping. 

Leather structured jackets 

I found this one from and it is super lovely this is totally my style I love lightweight jackets that can be worn in spring weather. 

Find this Jacket Here

I love a nice A-line skirt or a line dress I found a few on from a designer and I'm going to blog about how they look shortly but this is the designer that I'm talking about

Here is the link to this dress: Vintage Swing Party Dresses Classy Boat Neck Size XL F-13

Anything that has shimmer or rhinestones are my go to I'm going to do a fashion video sometime but just wanted to Block about this today and hope you enjoy a nice glimpse of my go to items



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