My skin recovery journey...

In 2014 and 2015 these were the hardest years as my health continue to decline. I lost a ton of weight everything taste like metal and I looked very sick. At one point I lost so much weight that people were so worried about me I will talk about it in another post what happened to my body but in this post I'm going to focus on the damage of my skin and my journey to recovery. 

As we age we tend to look different and I'm OK with the fact that I will probably never look exactly as I did growing up however my goal is to improve my appearance so that I look the best way I feel I could look. 

This is what I look like when I was much younger and the progress of my face. 

So not to focus on the things that it happened to my face I'm going to focus on how I work really hard in the last six months to see how I can try to heal my face and I watched a few videos on YouTube that help me understand the benefits of derma rolling besides talking to my sister who is a medical doctor about it. 

This is some of the products that I've been using so far to help rejuvenate and build my skin. 

The following images are not in order of what I do but I will explain each image.

Using a 1.0 derma roller

 Toning my skill with @boscia skin toner

My 1.0 derma roller. I use it on all over my face and especially on the pot holes in my cheeks

Here is an image of my toner

I love this for as this is my first step to removing my makeup before washing my face. 

Me with make up before I washed my face 😁

My trusty @amazon products from advanced clinicals I found these products and I purchased a hydrophilic serum, collagen and vitamin C and I placed it on my skin after I wash my face in Derma roll my cheeks and forehead. I also use the eye cream from Boscia pictured there. 

Hope you enjoyed this article let me know what you think. 


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