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From Beauty to Flaws: A Journey of Learning from a Toxic Relationship and Learning to love My Imperfect Self.

A book that discusses how a woman found ways to self-cope with the changes in her facial and overall appearance while living in a vain society. It is written in her personal voice as she shares bits of her health, love life, and personal struggles while promoting inner positivity in a world of chaos. This book discussed, how she works hard daily to overcome her personal struggles and how she focuses on building from within. This book also lists a few of her beauty and skincare regimens to improve her skin. In all, everything in life is a work in progress.

Book Includes Adult Content and Adult Experiences 

Dr. Koffa’s Quick Guides: Becoming a Better You! is the the first in the series of book that give tips on living a happier life thru self control. This short guide in written conversationally speech providing an understanding that people cannot control anyone’s actions, other than their own. She touches areas topics such as self control, jealousy, and keeping focused. This 30 page book is a great quick read to keep the reader balanced while pushing forward.

Changing how you eat can be one of the hardest things to do for many. I wrote this as a personal guide that may be helpful for others looking to transition. I live with Sarcoidosis and FSGS.


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