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Dr. Koffa, Ed.D


Living with Sarcoidosis, Lipodystrophy, and FSGS


Dr. Koffajuah Toeque, Ed.D "Dr. Koffa", an Educator, Content Creator, Designer, Singer/Songwriter, and Public Speaker, has held many professional titles through some of life's worst storms. Since 2002, these titles, which have included Founder, Lecturer, and Instructional Designer, and Mobile App Developer have aligned perfectly with her Master's of Science in Information Technology from Western Governors University, and Masters of Arts and Doctorate of Education from Argosy University. Although her successful academics and professional roles make it hard to believe, Dr. Koffa has encountered many hurdles that have threatened to knock her off course. These hurdles came in the form of her diagnoses of Sarcoidosis, FSGS, and Lipodystrophy. While living with these diseases, Dr. Koffa experienced many scary symptoms, including some that even changed the features of her face. Instead of allowing the diseases to get the best of her, she turned her life into a self-help guide for others.


Dr. Koffa was featured Episode 11 of season 5 (Feb 13, 2019) on the hit show, Botched, the show discussed her health struggles and were able to help her look and feel better. Dr. Koffa was additionally featured on Botched Season 6 as Number One, in the Top 10 Most Outrageous Before & Afters that aired 1/27/2020.

She has also released a book titled, From Beauty to Flaws, which discusses how to find inner peace and self-love in a world fixated with vanity. Including the topic of self-love, and in one of her biggest roles, Dr. Koffa serves as a Public Speaker who addresses issues such as building confidence, eating vegan, and living with a disease. Along with this, she has her own  YouTube channel named KoffaTV. On her channel, which has over a thousand subscribers, she creates content related to health, fitness, beauty, and dieting. Whether she is doing this, blogging, speaking at events, or encouraging her audience to love themselves, inside and out, her goal has always been to help others. It definitely wasn't always easy, but Dr.Koffa has remained undeterred as she faces some of the most daunting parts of life. Despite the fear, pain, and sickness, she has pressed on, determined to use her life as an inspiring example that you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it.



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